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Relaxation before tomorrow's meet [Apr. 30th, 2004|05:17 pm]
manda the panda
I still can't seem to get the meet out of my head. I am so nervous. I don't know why. I can't expect a super good time, I just can't. I haven't run the 800 forever and I am not in great shape. Last night I was just so hopeful, but now I need to see the reality of it. Whatever happens tomorrow, happens. There's nothing I can do about it.

In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?
(One of my favorite quotes from the book Walk Two Moons)

Tonight, Em, Basima, Allie, Anna, Joanna, and shit load of other people are going to see Mean Girls. It's getting really good reviews, and it looks rather funny. Hopefully that will help me take my mind off of things. Maybe.

Today Em, Anna, Joanna and I sluffed 4th. Haha, I never ever sluff, but today I was SO not looking forward to going to math. Eek. I worked ahead in math on Wednesday, and did an extra assignment, the one that would be assigned today after the lesson, which I already went over. So we just came home, had some lunch, then went to the park to play, revisiting our long lost childhood. What fun! We did the swings and slides and just ran around like fools, but I was really happy and I definitely found some solitude.