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manda the panda

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[May. 1st, 2004|09:25 pm]
manda the panda
My mind is racing still (probably the caffiene) and I need to vent!!!!

Ok. So the things I need to work on are:
2)Don't sell myself short
3)Come in with a good attitude

and when that's taken care of,


Simple. I know I can do it.

Regions is on Wednesday. I think I run the 300 hurdles on Wed. then IF I run the 800m it will be on Thursday...I just can't read Drecksel's mind at this point. Should I run it? CAN I run it? Will he LET me run it? Huh. I'll see about that on Monday. I think I am going to run it though. I will.

For the 300 hurldes, there really isn't much competition, but I don't want to be overly confident, yet at the same time I need that confidence. Ok, I know I can make it to state. It's a fact, not trying to be cocky but it is. The question is, will I push myself enough to actually qualify time-wise (qualifying for 4A is 47 and some change). Yes, I can run a 47. I know I can physically handle it. Mentally, I don't know. I need to focus and control my mind by Wednesday and get myself together. I need to be positive and encourage myself and not give up. Today was for sure the last straw. Yes, I am frustrated, but I have learned a lot.

If I run the 800 (which I really want to) I need to run my first lap at around 1:10 (ish). I need to keep the pace. I can't just give up and slow down when I really don't need to. I am going to go for it and be really aggressive. The girl from Bountiful ran a 2:22 today. I can keep up with her, maybe possibly not beat her, but stay with her and guarantee myself a good time.

I don't want to overplan, but I need to analyze things and put it into perspective. Track is such a mental sport, and I am just figuring that out. Today was a wake up call.

So some of the things I did wrong today were not stretching, not having any confidence whatsoever, giving up when it really counts, and not pushing myself hard enough. All of these problems can be solved. I just need to stick it through.

I can't believe the track season is nearly over. Oh my god. What happened??? I am going to be sad, yet relieved when I can just step back and look at everything, learn from it, and come back next year with a bang. I can feel it.