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Regions is a success! [May. 6th, 2004|08:46 pm]
manda the panda

So I ran the 300m hurdles yesterday for the prelims, and I got third overall, which everyone expected. I ran like a 51.1 or some crappy time like that. So I qualified for finals.

Today was the finals, and I took third again overall, but I ran a 49.3!!!! I BROKE 50!!!! Oh my god, I stood there with Drecksel as we listened to the times and places being read over the intercom. When we heard I took 3rd with 49.3 I jumped into his arms and we hugged and it was all handy dandy and stuff.

Then we ran the 4x400m. I knew it was going to be sketchy, since Isabelle was running our first leg because so many girls on our team are injured. She kept complaining, but hey I can't blame her one bit. So she started out and of course was in last place once she got the baton to Emily. Emily ran awesome! She got us up to 5th, then gave it to Sierra, our little miracle girl. She got us up to 4th. In order to go to state, we all knew we had to get at least 4th. So once the baton got to me, I knew the pressure was on. The three girls ahead of me were so far ahead, perhaps 80 meters or so. I knew all I could do was try to keep 4th. I did. I knew I could not let the team down, and even though I was killing so badly on the last 100m, I knew I had to go all out. I beat out the 5th place girl, who had tried to pass me earlier, by like 20 meters or so. I finished and I was so happy we had made it to state, against all odds.

Our girls did very well, especially considering they are freshman. Sierra of course made it in the 800m, which I did not run because it was just after the 300 hurdles and I knew I would not be able to handle it, no way! So I sat that one out and watched Sierra run a beautiful 2:28. I am so proud of her!

Our discus thrower, Vanessa, took regions by a landslide, of course. She is definitely in contention for state this year.

So I am not completely sure at this point who exactly is going to state, but the only guy is Tanner, who ran an awesome 200m. I am looking forward to state on Friday and Saturday next week, it will be a fun experience.

I am very happy right now with my two races. I didn't let myself down, or my team. Because Emily fell in the hurdles yesterday and didn't qualify for state, I knew I had to run a great 400m in our relay to get her to state. So I didn't let her down either, and I know Drecksel couldn't be happier. He acutally hugged me twice! I swear to god, we have never ever had physical contact. Haha. He had tears in his eyes and he told us that no 4x400 team had ever made it to state in our school, so we were happy, and I know we would have done better if we had had a better, stronger girl to run the first leg, but it's ok.


[User Picture]From: realityisred
2004-05-10 05:21 pm (UTC)
that's crazzzzzy
which state do you live in?
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[User Picture]From: manderson_610
2004-05-10 08:57 pm (UTC)
utah baby! (except not that exciting)
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[User Picture]From: realityisred
2004-05-10 10:15 pm (UTC)
ahhhh utah.
the great running state.
my friend moved to utah last year...but i don't know what area. erica martineau. crazy running fiend here, who is number 3 on her cross country team in utah...she would have won league etc etc here prolly (had it not been for stress fractures in her shins...)

no where is exciting when you live there. although i do hear that utah has awesome dry storms. that'd be exciting......;-)
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