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manda the panda

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State meet...the season is over now. [May. 15th, 2004|02:27 pm]
manda the panda
I am so frustrated right now! State was yesterday. I only ran a 49.3 or something, a PR I think, but I was hoping to do better.

Our 4x400 team sucked big time...well, our 2nd and 3rd legs did. Tierney, our first leg, ran an amazing 62 or something, and she had us in first place! Then she gave it to emily, and it all went downhill from there. Emily fell back to 8th so fast is was embarassing. She was practically jogging. I think she must have run somewhere in the 70's. Then she gave it to Sierra, so I was thinking it would be ok, she could get us up. Nope. She stayed where she was the whole time, and probably ran a 70 something as well.

But when I got the baton, I was so upset, I wasn't even focusing on my race. Apparently I ran a 58 point something. Holy mother... I have never run that fast, never even approaced that time. I feel good I must admit, but it sucks that our other two girls just couldn't step it up.

They are idiot freshmen and the whole time at state they were just goofing around, playing soccer, wasting energy and just sitting in the sun the whole time. Oh, and they kept walking to the gas station across the street for candy!! WTF????????

Oh well...so my 300m hurdles didn't go great, I mean I could have done better, but I am not surprised since my attitude sucked and all, but I am so happy about my 400 time, even though it didn't do much. I almost managed to get to 7th, but I had been at least 50 meters behind everyone. Shit happens.

I think my best moment this season was at regions, when I ran my previous PR in the 300m hurdles and took 3rd, and Drecksel was so happy. So even though I feel like I let myself down at state, I know I ran some great races this year, and next year will be ten times better!!!

From: jesirae
2004-05-28 01:55 pm (UTC)
I would have killed for your 49.3. At regioanals the qualifying time was a 49.37. Well they decided to round times up, even tho they didnt round the qualifying standard up, and rounded my 49.36 up to a 49.4. I was pretty angry. Anywho, do you mind if i add you to my friends list? I like reading your journal about track, lifting and eating..LOL.
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