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Wow, it's been a while since my last post. I have been very busy… - Welcome to my world... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
manda the panda

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[Jun. 2nd, 2004|10:14 am]
manda the panda
Wow, it's been a while since my last post. I have been very busy with school since it is the end of the year and whatnot! Urrrggghh craziness. Hopefully my grades will be ok :S

So not much has happened since I last updated. Yep, my life is very interesting! Hehe. Last weekend I went to Allie's block party and it was so fun. Her neigborhood always does a block party on memorial day. They are all great people. I just love her neighbors. I played with all the kids and ate a TON of food, lots of cookies and ice cream. Yum :)

Had a little vodka though lol. Mom let me have a sip, but I had more than a sip...
I felt a little tipsy but I don't think I was drunk. I don't think I have ever been drunk before, at least not completely. The vodka was mixed in with some lemonade and it tasted really good, but I only had a little.

So school ends on Wednesday with yearbook day on Tuesday, and no one ever goes on Wednesday so basically school is almost over. Yippee!!!! That makes me so happy. This year has been good overall, my classes were really easy and I made lots of new friend, which is always fun. I have been hanging out a lot with the powerlifters and they are such great friends to me. Everyone is so supportive and just nice. I am glad I met them!

Coach Drecksel's back has gotten a little better, but not much. I hope he will be ok, especially for the lifting meet in June!! I am so scared, but I have already broken the world record by a lot so I think it will be cool to have it in the books, ya know?

In addition to doing lots of weights after school a few days, I have been running and walking a lot. I can't run too much because my shins are so sore, and so are my knees, so I am trying to take it easy.

This summer I am going to do a lot of babysitting, working out, and reading. I need some cash for shopping with my friends!! I bet I can talk dad into giving me some...

Dad and Dorthy have totally redone the entire house. It looks amazing. She is such a bitch though. I really do hate her. She hates me and she only married dad for money, which I don't understand because she was already rich before! Dad just bought her a new BMW because she "needed" a new car. Well, technically she did since dad just gave me the Jeep. Now he drives the Range Rover and she gets the brand new car. Ho hum.

Well, not much to say really! I think I will start updating a little more because I think it will be fun in a few years to look back at stuff.